L.A. Mija Poster




L.A. Mija.

Dedicted to our Muñecas in Los Angeles.

A Sun-kissed Diosa that considers Vans and gold hoops a staple in her wardrobe. I don’t know about you guys but I’m tired of “LA Girls” only be represented by tiny white women that ‘invented’ avocado toast, acting like our grandmas haven’t been feeding us bolillo with crema y aguacate since before we could eat solid food. L.A. Mijas (like everywhere else) come in so many shades and sizes, all beautiful and worthy of representation.

  • 12x16in Thick matte durable poster.
  • Expected arrival is 2 week domestic, 4 weeks international.
  • Refunds available if poster arrives damaged or doesn’t arrive at all

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